Let me tell you my story.

I'm Tilman and I study Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London. When I'm not solving differential equations, I love to tinker with computers and write code.

Front-End Engineering Intern

This summer I will be joining Facebook in London as a front-end engineering intern. Summer 2020

Software Engineering Intern

Joining Jetstack as a software engineering intern, I worked on custom Kubernetes controllers to replace existing external infrastructure and enable novel ways to teach people how to use Kubernetes. Summer 2019

Summer Research Student

Can we apply machine learning to battery analysis? The answer is a resounding maybe. Summer 2018

Software Engineering Intern

I enjoyed a lot of hot chocolate and worked on integrating a Python based extension system with The QtCompany's QtCreator IDE. Summer 2018

Physics with Theoretical Physics Student

In 2017 I started my adventures as a physics undergrad at Imperial. Fall 2017